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Gilead Youth Program – Grades 5-12
Gilead Church currently has many children and young adults in our membership. We are committed to providing children of all grades with opportunities to participate in social, educational, spiritual and volunteer activities that will strengthen their faith. Additionally these activities will keep them connected to other young people who share similar lifestyles. Young people of all faiths are welcome to join. For Additional information, call Fran at 845-628-7413.

March 2017

The Bible teaches us many lessons of doing good, being good, thinking good and how it all boomerangs back to us. One gets back something from giving.

Kids, however can be so unkind. Words do hurt. Kindness apparently doesn’t come naturally to every kid. Cultivating kindness, I believe, is one of the most essential qualities to raising happy children.

“When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace” explained His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I believe this to be true. The more kindness you extend to self and others – the more happiness is generated within your being.

Children who demonstrate kindness are compassionate in their words and deeds and often display generosity, gentleness and goodwill towards others. This is the basis of all that is taught to our youth @ Gilead. The Youth Group has and continues to offer many opportunities to be kind, generous and giving to not only members of the Gilead Family but to strangers.

I have watched many of your children fill their lives with kindness and realize how it enriches their life. BE PROUD PARENTS because all they are learning and have learned may not be evident each and every day but it is embedded in their souls.

I recently met with Matthew Pulley one of Gilead’s finest. He is working on an Eagle Scout Project. Matt is one of those kids that understand kindness. Gilead can take credit for one of the places Matthew learned the spirit of giving and doing for others in an unselfish way. His project is an ambitious undertaking and requires his time, talent and sweat. It also requires some funds. On April 9th. Matt will host a pasta lunch to help raise some of the money he will need and I am asking each of you to assist him in his endeavor to be kind and bring joy to other kids.
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