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Sundays at 10:00 am


In our worship as in our daily lives, we recognize the presence of God’s love and seek to open our hearts and minds to its power through study, praise, meditation and prayer. All are welcome to Gilead’s services, and an individual need only participate to his or her own “comfort level.”

While we are a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), over half of our members have joined us from other traditions. No matter what your religious background may be, if you are looking for a new spiritual home and community, please come pay us a visit. We’ll save a seat for you.

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning worship service is traditional in style, with several hymns sung by the congregation, Scripture readings, sermon, and other musical contributions by the members of Gilead’s several music groups. Early in the service, all children in the congregation are invited up to the front of the sanctuary and a special “Children’s Message” is given by the worship leader, after which the children are dismissed to either attend Church School or stay with their parents for the rest of the service.The Sunday morning service begins at 10:00 AM and runs approximately 1 hour. Parents of infants and children under 3 are welcome to sit in a room behind the sanctuary where an audio feed of the service can be heard if it is more comfortable.

The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated monthly, during Sunday morning service on the first Sunday of the calendar month. All Christians are welcome to participate regardless of denomination.

An informal “Fellowship Hour” follows the service, when we share each other’s company over coffee & snacks.

Special Services 

As a part of the Putnam County Christian community, Gilead participates in ecumenical services several times a year. These services are usually held on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter morning (sunrise service) and Thanksgiving.

Baptisms, marriage ceremonies, and the reception of new members are administered after appropriate consultation with the Session (the governing body of Gilead). For more information, please contact the pastor.
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